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Service& Maintenance

- Information on Warranties, Sevice, Training, and Custom Equipment
Attestor is a strong partner for our customers in the field of forensics. We provide you with the best service and support for all of our specialty products.

We offer

  • Equipment delivery, installation, and customer training
  • Regular inspections and service contracts for our equipment
  • Support, warranties, and repair services
  • Customer-specified bespoke equipment, designed to be perfectly suited to your needs

Look at the other sections on this page for further details or contact us if you have a specific question you need assistance with!

Product Details

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Product Setup and Training

Knowing how to use ...

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Regular Inspections and Servicing

Regular servicing makes sure ...

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Service Contracts

Many accredited laboratories require ...

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Extended Service and Repair Plans

In addition to our basic service contracts ...

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Extended Warranty

As a final component ...

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Custom Design Products

Forensic equipment is ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find answers for the most frequently asked questions for our services. Did you not find your particular question or is the answer not satisfactory?
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  • In German-speaking countries, as well as in the US and Canada, servicing is provided by technicians directly from Attestor. In other countries, we have trained authorized service partners who can p rovide these services for you.

    Regular servicing, repairs, and calibration often require a high degree of technical knowledge specific to our equipment and sometimes require specific tools that only Attestor technicians and out service partners have access to. Third-party technicians may not have these tools and may not know how to service the equipment correctly. If you absolutely require a third-party for service, please contact us so we can ensure that this person is authorized to service Attestor equipment.

  • You can request or change a service contract simply by contacting us directly!

    We have service partners in many different areas and can help you set up an appointment with a service partner in your area.
    Our service partners and trained technicians can also offer you extended service contracts.

  • We mainly provide servicing for products that we produce ourselves, however we do provide some servicing for products that we previously sold. We do not service other third-party equipment.

  • For products that we produce ourselves, we offer an efficient delivery service and parts replacement services (such as filter replacements). Equipment installations should always be carried out by an Attestor authorized technician or service partner to avoid voiding any warranties.

    We do not generally offer parts or materials from third-party suppliers, aside from material like cyanoacrylate, which is delivered to help set up some equipment. We do not offer other developers or parts, so these will need to be ordered from another supplier. We can help guide you on locating a supplier in your area if needed.

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