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- the all new evidence camera for search and documentation of evidence material like fingermarks, body fluids, blood, gunshot residue and much more.

SCENEview VisIR is our latest development and the first component in a completely new product family of camera systems and accessories for evidence photography at crime scenes and in the laboratory.
In addition to identifying possible perpetrators, traces found at the crime scene often allow valuable conclusions to be drawn about the sequence and course of a crime. Sceneview VisIR is a universal tool for the search, recognition and documentation of traces such as body fluids (e.g. saliva, urine, seminal fluid), blood, traces of smoke, fibers, hair, fingerprints and much more.
SCENEview VisIR is the first component of the product family and the basic system, based on a modern camera system with high light sensitivity even in the IR range, very fast autofocus and modern and user-friendly operation via touchscreen display.
In order to ensure simple and intuitive operation, SCENEview VisIR focuses on components and functions that are actually required in forensic applications. Our LIGHTcube forensic lighting system provides you with extremely powerful, narrow-band, high-performance lighting in 12 different light colors from ultraviolet to infrared, which can be tailored to your applications in a modular manner.

Product Details

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Different Models with Customization Options

In the current version ...

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Light Amplifying Camera

In addition to the VIS & IR features ...

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Crime Scene or Laboratory Use

SCNEview VisIR is a completely ...

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Tailor-made Light Configuration

For even more flexibility ...

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DNA Safety

When dealing with biological evidence ...

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Optimal lighting at every working distance

The angle of the light ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • comes with two powerful rechargeable batteries. The running time per battery depends on the operating mode, e.g. the power level of the integrated IR lighting. However, with a fully charged battery, operation for at least 60 minutes or longer is possible. An empty battery can be recharged in about 20 minutes using the charger included in delivery.
    By the way, the battery system and connection cable are identical to those of theLIGHTcube system and can be used interchangeably.

  • For improved DNA security and easier cleaning, SCENEview VisIR is designed without a cooling fan.
    The temperature inside the camera and also inside the light sources are monitored via a sensor in order to protect both the device and the user from excessive temperatures.

  • SCENEview VisIR uses LIGHTcubes to provide forensic illumination. The optical filters required to make the evidence visible are built into the camera and the result is shown on the display. This means that no viewing goggles are required to simply visualize the evidence.
    During normal use, the light source is always directed away from the user. Therefore, it is not mandatory for the user to wear safety goggles.
    However, other people in the room should wear safety goggles for safety reasons. Of course, the warnings and protective measures applicable to the respective LIGHTcubes must be observed.

  • Dried blood or traces of smoke are “visible” under IR lighting. However, the human eye cannot see IR light. Therefore, a special camera with IR sensitivity is required for this.
    In difference to “converted” photo cameras, the IR camera of the SCENEview VisIR is a special camera designed specifically for this field of application with very high sensitivity and good autofocus performance in IR.
    The large display with live image is also significantly superior to many mini displays on the back of standard cameras.

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