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- the crime scene evidence search and documentation system for blood, gunshot residue, bodyfluids and many more.
SCENEview is a completely autonomous handheld crime scene camera and video system for the examination of evidence. It can be used to photograph and film evidence under visible light, or the IR camera function can be used to better search for and document evidence like blood stains and GSR that can be difficult to see, especially if they are on a darker or patterned background.

SCENEview is also compatible with our modular forensic light source LIGHTcube series to provide a range of light sources from UV to IR and give you the perfect lighting scenario for your evidence. LIGHTcubes further expand your options by allowing you to change lighting conditions to better increase contrast. They also allow you to make evidence fluoresce, making material like body fluids, bone fragments, and fibers easier to see so they can be documented and collected.

SCENEview can also be ordered with a secondary light amplifier camera system to increase sensitivity to developers like Luminol.

SCENEview uses a large display to show you a live feed of your scene. It can record both photos and videos with a simple one-click control system.

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Different Models with Customization Options

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Light Amplifying Camera

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DNA Safety

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Useful Accessories

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • A fully charged battery should allow the system to run for 60 minutes, but it may run for longer. SCENE view kits are delivered with two rechargeable 2Ah batteries, so an empty battery can easily be swapped out with a new full one on the fly.

    Batteries can be recharged with the charging pack in 20 minutes. This are identical to those used with our LIGHT cube system and are interchangeable.

  • When dealing with biological evidence, the issue of DNA safety and contamination is an important one. Our system surface, controls, and display are designed to be easy to clean and contain no fan units that could disturb evidence or suck in debris that could later contaminate other materials.

    Instead of a fan unit, the metal housing of SCENEview acts as a heat sink to cool the system. Our passive cooling system is also monitored to ensure that the system internal temperature remains at a safe operating temperature and doesn’t overheat.

  • SCENEview has an powerful integrated 850nm IR light source. This has been constructed in such a way that IR goggles should not be needed when using the integrated IR light source. In addition, our units combine IR lighting with a visible red light source that triggers a natural blink reflex in the eye when exposed to intense bright light, which further protects your eyes from any damage.

    If you choose to combine your SCENEview with another light source, such as LIGHTcube modules, ensure that you follow all safety instructions for that light source, which may include wearing safety goggles.

  • While we can see many other colors of light, we cannot see IR well with the naked eye, which is why IR cameras, like the versions in LABview and SCENE view, have been developed. Because SCENEview has a built in IR light source and camera, it minimizes the amount of equipment you need to carry.

    The large display will also show you in real time what your evidence looks like under IR and you’ll be able to easily focus on objects and take pictures of them with the simple control system.

    In addition to the IR features, the versions of SCENEview equipped with our light amplifying camera can amplify light from reagents used for blood detection like Bluestar and Luminol up to 70000 times, making it easy to see, even when it is too dim to see with the naked eye. Not only does this drastically reduce costs by reducing the amount of reagent needed, it also reduces the risk of altering and damaging evidence by using too much reagent.

    SCENEviewcan also be equipped with LIGHTcubes and compatible lenses to allow you to see fluorescing evidence, such as bone fragments, body fluids, and fibers.

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