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- the laboratory evidence search and documentation system for blood, gunshot residue, bodyfluids and many more.
LABview is a completely autonomous laboratory camera and video system for the examination of evidence like body fluids, hair and fibers, GSR, and fingerprints. This system can be used to examine untreated evidence, or evidence already treated with developers like NIN, DFO, IND, or stains and powders.

LABview uses our modular LIGHTcube series to provide a range of light sources from UV to IR to give you the perfect lighting scenario for your evidence.

An automated filter wheel integrated with the system saves you time and ensures that you are always using the correct filter for your lighting and photography needs, giving you the best results.

LABview can also be equipped with a secondary light amplifier camera system like that used in SCENEview to increase sensitivity to developers like Luminol.

Product Details

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Different Models with Customization Options

In the simplest version ...

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Automatic Filter Wheel

... coordinated with your lighting ...

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Application-Specific Customization Options

LABview is available in different configurations ...

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Control Concept

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When dealing with biological evidence ...

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Mounting Options

LABviewcan be mounted on a ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The BASIC VIS/IR camera of LABview LV700 has a 6 MPix resolution, while the PRO version is 10MPix.

    The light amplifier camera on LABview LV800 has a resolution of 1.3 MPix.

  • Yes! The system has been designed specifically for use in a laboratory where gloves and other PPE safety measures are required. The display will even work if multiple layers of gloves are worn and the controls on the display are large enough to be easy to select even when gloves are worn.

  • Yes, LABview is compatible with our full range of LIGHTcubes. You can order the light sources you think you will need with your LABview and later add more light sources.

    All LIGHTcube modules connect to the system easily with the quick-connect system, and will automatically be displayed on the screen, allowing the user to add or remove light sources and adjust them easily and efficiently.

    The filter while in your system will be customized according to the light sources ordered with your system, but we also offer the option to install more filters later if additional light sources are ordered later on.

  • Many types of evidence can be seen using alternate light sources, like those in our LIGHTcube series, but using these often requires the use of special goggles and filters to filter out light that might interfere with seeing the evidence we are looking for.

    Thanks to the filter system, LABview pairs the correct filter with the light source being used, letting you see more with less hassle.

    In addition to fluorescent evidence, LABview can also be used simply to increase evidence contrast. Our special camera system also allows for the use of IR light sources, which cannot be used with the naked eye. Our large display provides a live feed view so users can view, film, and photograph the evidence they see as needed without a great deal of extra equipment.

    Certain LABview models are also equipped with our light amplifying camera, which can amplify light from reagents used for blood detection like Bluestar and Luminol up to 70000 times, making it easy to see, even when it is too dim to see with the naked eye. Not only does this drastically reduce costs by reducing the amount of reagent needed, it also reduces the risk of altering and damaging evidence by using too much reagent.

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