Who wants to keep up in forensics with its counterpart, has to stay up to date with its instrumentation. unfortunately gouvermental budgeting practices do not allow for frequent upgrading or short-term replacement of existing equipment. But also private organisations and freelance experts often enough face problems with the high demand on investment needed for state-of-the-art forensic instrumentation.
Via a well reknowned lease company, we offer the possibility to use modern equipment without the need of big investment.
- use of modern equipment prior to apportioning of the 
  budget needed for purchasing
- access to a higher-value instrument by spreading
  investment over several years budgets
maintenance and service included
always up-to-date due to "exchange option"

For private entities and freelance experts, leasing offers further advantages:

- leasing is asset-neutral, you stay solvent and maintain
  creditworthiness with your house bank
- lease fees are immediate write-offs - free from write-off
  deadlines or lump-sums


Financing is another option for you to spread bigger investments over a number of comfortable monthly instalments. At the end of the agreed time-span, the equipment is your property - straightforward and without any additional final payment. We offer financing, starting from a purchase value of 5.000.-€

Your advantages:

- Contract duration entirely up to your demand
- service and maintenance optional
- finance can be determined by a transfer payment at any time

Instrument Rental

You are planning an activity at a major event and need additional equipment?
You are working on a special case where your own instrumentation is not exploding all potential?
You have the short term demand for a smaller, transportable system for off-site tasks?
You are in need of a special system, but you don't need it permanently?

We also rent out own systems - with or without a qualified operator.

- Long term or short term rent
- delivery, installation and introductory training included
- prolongation of the contract possible

Used Equipment

Your budget is tight but you still need up-to-date forensic equipment? An overhauled used system of a renowned manufacturer might be an attractive alternative to buying a cheaper product with insufficient safety features or even without a CE mark.

From time to time, we have attractive products on offer that are available from trade-in, lease return or because we are selling or ex-demo equipment.

Your advantages:

- reasonable pricing
- short-term availability
- competent service and overhaul prior to delivery
- warranty possible

Trade In

Of course, when you order a new system from us, we also trade-in the equipment, you have currently in use.

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