Crime-lite® ML2 now with IR Camera

Foster + Freeman's neues Crime-lite® ML is a telescope arm magnifier lamp with Crime-lite® technology. It combines the versatility of multi-wavelength, high intensity magnification, to provide an effective bench top examination tool for the forensic scientist. Crime-lite® is particulary effective for the detection of body fluids.

Illumination includes an 8 x 5W array of high intensity white light LEDs with variable intensity control, for general examinations and a choice of a 16 x 5W array of either blue, blue-green or green illumination with corresponding removable filter, for the examination of fluorescent evidence such as fibres, body fluids and stained latent fingerprints. There is also the option to extend the instruments sensitivity by fitting an array of violet LEDs.

The versatility of the new design allows to add up to four additional narrow band LED illuminations to the standard whithe illumination. Awailable are illumination packages in UV, violet, blue, blue/green and green. Depensing on the selection of wavelength these illuminations allow combinations to optimise the wavelength of light to the requirements of the particular piece of evidence. The maximum configuration of 4 illumination packages allows 40 different combinations of wavelengths.

A new feature of the Crime-lite ML2, the optional 5MP Vis-IR camera attaches to the ML2 head unit and can be rotated into position in to capture images as seen through the magnifier and lens filter.

Essential for viewing evidence being examined using the Crime-lite ML2 Infrared module, the camera is supplied with image capture software and can be easily connected via USB 2.0 to a Windows PC (contact Foster + Freeman for required specifications).

The ML2 IR sensitive Camera can be easilly retro-fitted to existing Crime-lite ML2 installations to provide a simple and effective image capture solution.

Crime-lite ML

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