ffTATM- Trace Analysis System

ffTATMis a system for the analytical examination of trace evidence. It is built by modular components which can be added to a high end microscope to allow various examinations of micro trace evidence.

The name ffTA stands for  „foster + freeman Trace Analysis“.

Based on a Leica DM2500 microscope ffTATMcan be used for various tasks within the forensic examination  of trace evidence. Using an optical multiplexer on the camera port, the user can switch between the different functions of the microscope. 

This allows to utilise the high end microscope not only for one specialised task but for various purposes without the need of complex refitting of the system.



The below functionalites are available:

high resolution microscope imaging

fluorescence imaging

light polarisation

UV-VIS-NIR microspectroscopy

refractive index measurement (GRIM)

Raman spectroscopy

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