Seminars, thematic familiarisation
and introductory courses

In the context of our former activities we are carrying out a number of training and seminar activities for our customers since many years. These instruction and seminar activities feature:

 seminars on-site at your premises or in
 our offices

 with comprehensive seminar documentation

 in German and English language

System Introductory Courses

We understand a competent initial training as an integral part of a purchasing projekt and consider this as equally important to the product itself or the required installation. For every area of our activities alongside with the product we offer introductory courses, which focus on the operation of a particular instrument or system. We anticipate the users to already have the relevant basic thematic knowledge.
Thematic Familiarisation
Should one of your members of staff not be in prossess of the required background knowledge or practical skills, we happily offer you a thematic familiarisation. In difference to the above system introduction, our own lecturers or where applicable external lecteurs will focus on the transfer of system and manufacturer independent aspects of a particular topic. Of course within such an activity we will use instroments and tools out of our range of products, but their details and operation shall stay a side-issue.

Customer Specific Seminars
For customers with specific needs or those who want to train bigger number of staff, we offer to arrange a customer specific seminar package. In the context of our activities prior to our restructuring, we have carried out a vast number of such seminars for customers nationally and internationally.

In the recent past we have often recieved inquiries from customers who wanted to get a single new member of staff up-to-speed or wanted to offer existing users a refresher or upgrade course. Any of the above outlined training opportunities might be to expensive if it is carried out just for a single participant.

New in our programme since 2008 is a series of standard seminars which we offer at given dates on various topics in context of our product activities. Essential for these seminars is, they are not intended to be a product presentation.

During the conception phase for these seminars we did seek advice from experienced forensics, who also are available for certain seminars as lecteurs.

Of course we can also arrange accommodation or the transfer from and to nearby train stations or airports.

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